Elevation Certificates



Due to recent changes in flood insurance laws, many policy holders or new time flood insurance buyers are being required to provide an elevation certificate. An elevation certificate makes sure that your risk of flooding is being actuarially rated. It allows underwriters to compare the lowest elevation of the structure with the lowest flood elevation of the immediate area, according to FEMA’s Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM).

Although most policies are requiring elevation certificates to apply for coverage now, there are a couple options for you that might eliminate the need or expense of getting a certificate. In many cases, we can offer you a valid elevation certificate that lowers your rate, at no cost. If you are applying for coverage through Efloodquote, we will lower your rate with a free elevation certificate if it is a valid option for you. You can apply for a flood insurance quote here.

Some insurance policies don’t require an elevation certificate. If you are applying for coverage on a structure in zone x, you will not be required to supply an elevation certificate. Most private insurance policies do not require elevation certificates either, however they might help in reducing the rate.



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