Business Property Risk

business property risk


As a business owner, you know that protecting your building and your contents is vital to its survival. Your business is either in a high-risk or moderate-to-low risk area and insurance premiums vary accordingly. Look below to assess your business property risk.

Moderate-to-Low Risk

Most commercial buildings in a moderate-to-low risk area qualify for coverage at a preferred rate. Preferred Risk Policy premiums are the lowest premiums available through the NFIP, offering building and contents coverage for one low price. You can also opt for Contents Only coverage, if you prefer. Commercial premiums start as low as $643 per year in moderate- to low-risk areas for both Building and Contents, while Contents Only coverage starts at $185 per year. Commercial coverage gives you up to $500,000 of insurance to protect your building and up to $500,000 to protect its contents. ** As of Oct. 1, 2013
*$643 annual premium provides $50,000 building and $50,000 contents coverage. $185 annual premium provides $50,000 contents coverage.

If you don’t qualify for a Preferred Risk Policy, a standard rated policy is still available. Even though flood insurance isn’t federally required, anyone can be financially vulnerable to floods. People outside of high-risk areas file over 20% of NFIP claims and receive one-third of disaster assistance for flooding. When it’s available, disaster assistance is typically a loan you must repay with interest.


If you live in a high-risk area, a standard rated policy is the only option for you.  It offers separate building and contents coverage.

Flood insurance premiums are calculated based on factors such as:

  • Year of building construction
  • Building occupancy
  • Number of floors
  • The location of its contents
  • Its flood risk (i.e. its flood zone)
  • The location of the lowest floor in relation to the elevation requirement on the flood map (in newer buildings only)
  • The deductible you choose and the amount of building and contents coverage


If your commercial property is in a high-risk flood area and you have a mortgage from a federally regulated or insured lender, you are required to purchase a flood insurance policy.


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